S.Korean gov’t to spend 95bln won to support reforms at 41 public hospitals in H1

South Korea
Photo credit: Yonhap

The health ministry said Thursday it will spend 94.8 billion won (US$68.8 million) in the first half of the year to help normalize operations and support management reforms at 41 public hospitals across the nation, Yonhap reports.

Under the support program, the government seeks to facilitate sustainable development of public hospitals by assessing their innovation plans, which focus on improving medical services and organizational efficiency, according to the ministry.

Hospitals that demonstrate promising outcomes in these areas receive financial support as part of the project.

The project encompasses 35 regional medical centers and six Red Cross hospitals, constituting a total of 41 regional-hub public hospitals.

The ministry will distribute a total of 87.6 billion won to regional medical centers and 7.2 billion won to Red Cross hospitals within the first half.

It will provide an additional 28.2 billion won in the second half to hospitals that receive the highest marks in the implementation and performance of their reform plans.

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