Social research: Kazakhstan population more actively monitors the country's political life

ASTANA. August 2. KAZINFORM Studies have shown growing interest in Kazakhstan to the political life of the country, says the project director of the Research Association "Institute for Democracy" Julia Kuchinskaya.

"According to sociological research conducted during previous election cycles, and the last measurements of public opinion, we can note a significant increase in the political activity of Kazakhstan's society," she said at a press conference on establishment of the republican public boards of governors' election in regions, towns and villages.

Thus, the results of the study in 2011 (the period of the election of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan) show that the proportion of people with interest in the political life of the country was 80.4%. According to the survey in 2013, the developments in the political life of the country have been watched by more than 85% of study participants.

"It is also important to note in the context of rural elections of governors that the difference in the responses of urban and rural residents is minimal. Among the townspeople are interested in politics almost 88% of respondents, while the proportion of these rural respondents is 83.4%. That is also a high level of political activity ", she states.

The expert believes that the people of Kazakhstan, in general, are actively supporting the political course of the country. According to the study, 83.6% of citizens of the respondents note that Kazakhstan is on the right track, with high rural residents' share of positive ratings.

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