Sold out in Budapest: Dimash’s fans from 77 countries convene in Hungary

Photo credit: dimashnews

This year's first solo concert of Dimash under the “Stranger” Tour was held in Budapest on May 4. One of the biggest venues in Hungary, The László Pappa Sports Arena, gathered a full house. Dimash’s fans from 77 countries gathered for his concert, Kazinform News Agency cites

Dimash’s show, held in every country, turns into an international holiday. His fans come to the city in advance to get acquainted with each other, organize meetings and a traditional pre-party.

He performed the works of European authors “GOLDEN” and “S.O.S D’UN TERRIEN EN DÉTRESSE” that organically combined with the works of Chinese and Japanese composers – “BATTLE OF MEMORIES”, “JUST LET IT BE” and “AUTUMN STRONG”.

One of the main tasks of Dimash’s tour is to show the world traditional and modern culture of Kazakhstan. Thus, along with the folk song “DURDARAZ” and the kuyi “ADAI”, songs of famous Kazakhstani authors were performed from the stage – “FLY AWAY” by Yedilzhan Gabbasov on poems by Jordan Arakelyan, “GIVE ME LOVE” by Aigul Bazhanova and Munaidar Balmold and “TOGETHER” – Dimash’s younger brother Abilmansur Qudaibergen’s first composer work.

 Dimash's next concert will be held on May 24 in Istanbul on his 30th birthday. 

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