Stolen African penguin 'cannot survive in the wild

LONDON. KAZINFORM A desperate search is under way for an endangered African penguin "freed" by activists who may have unwittingly sent the bird to his death.

Buddy was stolen from a South African marine park by two students who claim it was a demonstration against animals being kept in captivity.

But Buddy was born in the park, and has no idea how to survive in the wild.

Experts say the penguin could last for just two more weeks before he will starve to death.

Dylan Bailey, manager of Bayworld in Port Elizabeth, said: "He is completely ill-equipped to survive in the wild. He will have no idea where he is.

"Luckily, he was a very healthy penguin - actually quite fat - so he has a good few weeks of reserves."

However, the park estimates that still means he has just three weeks from the moment he was stolen.

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