Storm alert in effect in 10 regions of Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Mets issued a storm alert for 10 regions of Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports.

Scorching heat will grip Kazakhstan on June 6 with the mercury soaring to 36-38 degrees Celsius. Fire threat remains high.

It will be hotter in Abai region. The heat index will rise up to 35-39 degrees Celsius.

Thunderstorms will strike Akmola region. Air temperature will surge as high as 35-38 degrees Celsius.

East Kazakhstan, Zhetysu regions will also brace for baking weather. Air temperature will touch down to 35-38 degrees Celsius.

Heavy rains and hail, thundershowers are in store for West Kazakhstan.

Thunderstorms are also forecast for Kostanay region with the mercury reading 39 degrees Celsius.

Scorching weather will batter Kyzylorda region hitting the highest temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius.