Strengthening of country's unity - main task of public consent councils

URALSK. KAZINFORM - Strengthening of the unity of the country is the main task of the public consent councils, secretary of the maslikhat of Zhanakalinsky district in West Kazakhstan region, head of the regional public consent council Zakariya Sisengali said.

"In his Address to the Nation and his other speeches including the speech he delivered at the 22 nd session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev talked not just about tomorrow but about the strategy of development for the future. The President also reminded us of the problems the nation overcame. He told that the people of Kazakhstan did not get mad during those hand-made disasters hitting the nation. On the contrary our people received those who needed shelter with dignity and peacefully made their way into the modern time," Z. Sisenbayev stressed.

According to him, the proposal of the President of Kazakhstan to announce March 1 the Day of Establishment of the People's Assembly, the Day of Mercy and Respect for the Nation deserves unanimous support. At the moment when the President established the Assembly he saved all the people of Kazakhstan from anything that could happen later. The Assembly has been a common home for all the people of Kazakhstan over the recent 20 years.

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