Study finds summer 2023 Northern Hemisphere's hottest in 2,000 years

Photo: Xinhua

The summer of 2023 was the warmest Northern Hemisphere summer over the past 2,000 years on record, said a new study published in the journal Nature on Tuesday, Xinhua reports.

Combining observed and reconstructed surface air temperatures from June to August (JJA), researchers concluded that the summer of 2023, the warmest extra-tropical summer, surpassed the 95 percent confidence range of natural climate variability by over half a degree Celsius.

A comparison of the 2023 JJA warming against the coldest reconstructed summer in 536 Common Era reveals a maximum range of pre-Anthropocene-to-2023 temperatures of 3.93 degrees Celsius, it said.

Although 2023 is consistent with a greenhouse gases-induced warming trend that is amplified by an unfolding El Nino event, this extreme emphasizes the urgency to implement international agreements for carbon emission reduction, according to the study.

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