Sugar the cat survives 19-storey fall in Boston, US

BOSTON. March 27. KAZINFORM.  A cat survived a 19-story fall from a high rise in Boston's West End."We just knew that someone from inside on the second floor saw something go by their window, looked outside and saw that a cat had landed on its feet a nd then kind of scurried off," said Brian O'Connor of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. CBBC informed.

The Boston Animal Rescue League arrived on the scene.

"By the time we'd gotten there the building staff had gotten the cat corralled inside," said O'Connor.

At first they weren't sure how many stories up the cat had fallen from so they took the animal to one of their veterinarians. The vet discovered a small cut on the animals lip. An x-ray revealed only bruising on the cat's lungs.

Luckily the pet was micro-chipped so the rescue league found its owner and that it was a 19-story plunge.

"At that point it kind of hit. Like, wow this cat really fell from quite a height," said O'Connor. "Pretty lucky. I'd said used up one of its nine lives today."

The cat fell down to a 2-by-2 foot section of grass rather than the concrete all around it.


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