Swedish Minister of Agriculture to visit N Kazakhstan in Oct

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM A delegation of Sweden headed by Minister of Agriculture Sven-Erik Bucht agreed to participate in the Kyzylzhar Invest 2016 II International Investment Forum, according to Deputy Governor of the North Kazakhstan region Ratmir Akhmetov.

“Dekegations from Indonesia, Bulgaria, China, Georgia, Lithuania and other countries are expected at the forum. In general, the event will bring together as many as 500 participants. More than 20 memorandums and agreements on mutual interaction and cooperation will be signed,” Akhmetov said at a briefing held at the regional Central Communications Office in Petropavlovsk.

A plenary session, two panel sessions, the 2nd meeting of the Regional Council on Attraction of Investors and Investment Climate Improvement as well as a Kazakh-Swedish Forum will be held as part of the Forum.

According to Ratmir Akhmetov, the I Investment Forum was successful. The documents signed during it turned out to be effective. Thus, as per the agreement signed between JSC ZIKSTO and JSC Kaztemirtrans, North Kazakhstan region assembled 300 carriages to the amount of 3.7bln tenge.  A joint project on construction of a biogas unit was successfully implemented by LLP BioTEC and LLP Alekri.

“Rich mineral reserves, natural resources, scientific-technical base, big industrial potential and favorable location of the North Kazakhstan region are important for attracting investments. The oncoming Forum will enable us to strengthen the existing ties, find new partners and demonstrate the investment potential of our region,” stressed he.


He added that in 2016 North Kazakhstan established a regional council on attraction of investors and improvement of investment climate. A specialized interactive internet-portal on investment activity in the North Kazakhstan region was created too.

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