Talgar River bridge shuts down due to collapse menace

Talgar River bridge shuts down due to collapse menace
Photo credit: instagram/enbekshikazakh_audan_akimdigi

In the Almaty region, the water level in the Talgar River has risen due to the effects of rain and snow melting in the mountains, according to Kazinform News Agency correspondent.

Furthermore, the akimat of Enbeshikazakh district has announced the closure of the bridge over the Talgar River due to concerns about potential threat of collapse.
It is noteworthy that the water levels in the Talgar Rriver have risen significantly in recent days, due to precipitation and the melting of snow in the surrounding mountains. In light of these developments, a visual inspection of the bridge near the village of Avat revealed the presence of subsidence in areas close to the bridge, as well as soil erosion on the slopes, which may potentially lead to the collapse of the bridge.
The akimat underlined that bridge traffic is currently limited, however, the ring road Kuldzha highway and the motorway Talgar - Yesik - Baidibek are fully functional.
The akimat also announced that due to rising water levels in the Talgar River in the Avat rural district, an alternative road located on the left bank of the river was washed away. As a result of increased water flow, there was a threat of channel breakthrough in the territory of nearby quarries with further flooding.
In response, the district akim Talgat Bayedilov had organized work to prevent the breakthrough and ensure the safety of residents.
At the present time, work is being conducted on the deepening and strengthening of the riverbed. The akim's office of Avat rural district has set up the around the clock duty.

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