Talk about inequality: US women in elite jobs earn far less than men

NEW YORK. KAZINFORM - Recent research has revealed that women in America still earn much less money than men, and the gap is especially evident in white-collar jobs.

In a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, salaries in 446 of the most common jobs were examined. The research made it clear that women in elite jobs in America still make much less money compared to men.

The Journal examined Census Bureau data on earnings for full-time year-round workers from 2010 through 2014. Across occupations, women made only 79% of men's earnings on average.

The most striking gaps were high profile professions like doctor, manager and financial advisor. For instance, male physicians working on a full-time basis earn generally about $210,000 per year, while women doing the same job only make 64% of that sum, which is around $135,000.

Of the 10 major occupation groups where women's income lagged most, five were in finance. Male private financial consultants were estimated to make $100,000 per year while women earned only about $62,000.

Currently, more women than men graduate from college. But the research results disprove a wide-spread assumption that access to better education helps women solve the problem of salary gaps and discrimination.
Gender-based disparities in wages are hard to address and don't lend themselves to legislative remedies, the WSJ noted.
The gender pay gap has again become a point of issue in America. Executives and policy makers are considering ways to take it under control, suggesting ideas such as limiting employers from asking about salary histories and requiring wage transparency, reports.

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