Talks on Iranian Nuclear program to resume tomorrow – M. Mann

ASTANA. February 26. KAZINFORM Official Spokesperson of the European Union Michael Mann informed that the talks on the Iranian nuclear program had been fruitful on the first day and they would resume tomorrow.

"We have had a fruitful meeting with the Iranian side today. Further negotiations were held after a plenary session. Tomorrow, we will have another ones," Michael Mann informed.

"Our proposal was presented at 1:30 pm at the plenary session. The proposal was being discussed for two and a half hours. Then, the Iranian side discussed it privately. During the second half of the day the negotiations continued. Tomorrow, we will have another meeting where we are expecting to get a more definite response to our proposal," he added as the Central Communication Service's site reports.

Answering the journalists' questions, Mr. Mann noted that today's meeting had been focused exactly on the Iranian nuclear program. "We hope that the Iranian side will be flexible enough on our proposals," he concluded.

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