‘Tau-Ken Temir’ silicon plant reduced production costs

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Karaganda plant for production of metallurgical silicon "Tau-Ken Temir" reduced production costs by 10% to keep the level of profitability in enterprises, Deputy CEO of "Tau-Ken Temir" Kairat Alimkulov said yesterday at a briefing in the CCS.

"For less than two years, the price has fallen by 2 times, but, despite this, we were forced to take measures that have touched the optimization of production processes, and then carried out work to reduce the cost of raw materials used in the production process, and have taken certain measures to enter into the "Sary-Arka" special economic zone in Karaganda. These measures enabled us to reduce costs in tenge by 10% in dollars almost twice," Alimkulov said.

According to him, currently the company's production figures are stable with a clear upward trend. In particular, he pointed out that in September 2014 the price of technical silicon on the world market was about 3 thousand dollars per ton, as of today the price of metallurgical silicon doesn’t exceed 1450 dollars per ton.

In turn, CEO of "Tau-Ken Temir" Murat Zhukenov noted that the previously suspended silicon plant "Tau-Ken Temir" is gaining production.

"Karaganda silicon plant was commissioned in 2010, but due to financial difficulties in 2013, production was halted. By a decision of the Presidential Council for Mining and Metallurgical Activities dated December 5, 2013, the JSC «Tau-Ken Samruk» was assigned as an operator of the investment strategic project ," Zhukenov reminded.

Head of the Company pointed out that "Tau-Ken Samruk" managers and employees were set to achieve stable performance indicators and reduce production cost.

To date, this company is a subsidiary of "Tau-Ken Samruk" and remains the only current manufacturer of silicon on the territory of Kazakhstan. Its design and production capacity is 23 thousand tons of commodity-metallurgical silicon per year.

Source: www.primeminister.kz 


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