Taxi driver killed for his car in Shymkent

SHYMKENT. July 24. KAZINFORM - The taxi driver, a resident of Sairam district of South Kazakhstan region, has become a victim of a 25-year old man from Kyzyl-Orda region.

The investigation has revealed that in May 2013 the young man stopped a car, which was driven by a 64-year-old man, and asked to take him to a suburban district of the Shymkent city. On the way the passenger began to strangle the driver. Moreover, he gave him several knife wounds that led to fatality. The murderer threw the dead body to a garbage heap and drove the car away to Kyzylorda.

He tried to make fake documents for the stolen car to be able to sell it later, but it was not successful. Then the guy took the car apart and buried its parts.

The investigation of the criminal case is continuing.

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