Term of leasing must be increased – R. Malinov

ANA. November 9. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/ It is necessary to elongate the terms of leasing for purchase of equipment for agricultural producers.  

Chairman of the Committee on Agricultural Affairs Romin Madinov has made such a proposal at the Governmental Hour in Mazhilis of the Kazakh Parliament today.

According to him a middle agricultural enterprise must pay USD 70-80 for one ha annually when purchasing some equipment with loan finds. The same time the income does not exceed USD 20-30 per one ha.

"Therefore, I propose to increase the term of leasing till 15 years. This is what you can solve yourselves and we can help you in this if it is needed", - the Deputy said addressing to Minister of Agriculture Akhylbek Kurishbayev.

In addition, he noted that the more the state allocates funds to support agriculture the less should be the rates of interest.



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