Terrorist group detained in Kyrgyzstan planned blasts at embassies

BISHKEK. January 18. KAZINFORM Members of the terrorist group detained in Kyrgyzstan planned a chain of blasts at diplomatic missions situated in capital Bishkek as well as blasts at Transit Centre at Manas (formerly Manas Air Base), the chairman of the State National Security Committee, Keneshbek Duishebayev, said on Monday; Kazinform refers to Itar-Tass.

"The detainees have already confessed to a number of blasts," he said. "Also during the questioning they told about plans of their terrorist activity."

According to him, members of that terrorist group are involved in blasts at Bishkek synagogue last autumn and at the Sports Palace in December. Only by a lucky accident there were no casualties during those terrorist acts.

Besides, members of that group say it was them who brought a car stuffed with explosives to the building of Bishkek's chief police department several days ago. However, police found the vehicle and defused it. Duishebayev said that it was that vehicle that the criminals had planned to blast at Transit Centre at Manas; Kazinform cites Itar-Tass.

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