The hunt for Ile-Alatau Park's mass murderer continues

ASTANA. August 16. KAZINFORM The police are still searching for the killer of 11 people who were found murdered on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park in Almaty region.

Criminal experts of the Almaty Internal Affairs Department were sent to the scene, according to the press service of the Internal Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Special expert laboratories located in the city of Almaty are used to ease the investigation process. The collection of photo and video materials continues.

The police rack the territory of the national park for the criminal. The law-enforcement agencies ensure the security in the national park. The investigation is on the special control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

People on the spot who were vacationing in the national park this weekend are trying to help the police. In case you have information as regards the massacre in the Ile-Alatau National Park, please dial 8 (728) 2608007 in Taldykorgan, 8 (727) 2957516, 2985203 in Almaty or 8 701977113, 7017555175, 87017170071.

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