'The Nomad of the Universe' was presented in Astana

ASTANA. April 12. KAZINFORM  More than 50 photographs by various authors presented at the exhibition dedicated to the World Day of Aviation and Astronautics, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Astana.

 The snapshots of the first  Soviet artificial Earth  satellite the launch  of which 55 years ago in 1957 began the space  age in the history of mankind, opened the exibition. The pictures of Yuri Gagarin: the flight, his personal and professional development as the first cosmonaut of the planet are the main photos of the exhibition. A separate section is devoted to the world's first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, who in March this year celebrated 75th birthday.

Another theme of the exhibition is the history of "Baikonur" spaceport -the first cosmic harbor of the Earth.

On the same day a new Kazakh documentary film under the title «The Nomad of the Universe» was presented at the Russian Center of Science and Culture. The film narrates the earthly and the cosmic life of the Kazakh cosmonaut, Hero of Russia and Kazakhstan Talgat Musabayev.

The author of the film is Sara Nurgaliyeva, the own correspondent of "Kazinform" agency at   "Baikonur" space center.

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