This year 5 projects of FIID program to be implemented in Zhambyl region - K. Kokrekbayev

TARAZ. KAZINFORM - In the framework of the second five-year plan Zhambyl region is implementing 26 investment projects which will give 7,000 new jobs, said Mayor of Zhambyl region Karim Kokrekbayev during the reporting meeting with the population.

"Much work has been done on the FIID program, which undoubtedly influenced the growth of industrial production in the region," said the Governor. He added that the growth of industrial output in Zhambyl region increased in comparison with 2013 by 5, 7% showing the highest rate in the country. According to the Governor, last year within the framework of the Industrialization Map there have been implemented 6 projects worth 22.8 billion tenge. The projects created nearly one thousand new jobs. The region realized a house-building factory with the capacity of 19.5 thousand cubic meters per year, a mini-plant for the production of aluminum radiators - 250 thousand pieces of products per year, a plant for the production of precious metals (500 kg / year),a fish processing (1 200 tons/ year)," said K. Kokrekbayev. In the first five years of the program (2010 - 2014) 33 projects worth 123 billion tenge have been implemented. The projects created about 5 thousand new jobs. In the second five-year plan there will be realized 26 investment projects worth 590 billion tenge which will employ more than 7 thousand people.

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