Three beaches closed in Thailand due to swimmer safety reasons

BANKGKOK. KAZINFORM The sea off Nai Yang, Nai Thorn and Layan beaches in Phuket has been declared off-limits to swimmers by the Sirinart national park after Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish-like creatures have been spotted, Thai PBN reported on Saturday.

"The creature has often been mistaken as a jellyfish. But it is siphonophore which is very poisonous. A sting by this creature causes extreme pain for the victim," the television channel said.

Earlier reports said about other poisonous jellyfish spotted at Thai resorts. Phukey is a most popular destination with Russian tourists. But this time of year, the sea there is often wavy and jellyfish are coming.

On September 18, A two year-old Russian boy was taken to hospital in southern Thailand’s Samui after he was stung by a box jellyfish. Rescuers "rushed to the call for help from the victim’s parents and administered basic CPR until the boy regained consciousness before he was taken to Bangkok-Samui hospital for treatment," Thai PBN reported then. The boy’s parents also were stung, but nothing threatened their lives.

Box jellyfish lives in tropical or subtropical waters. Those poisonous creatures are seen frequently near Australia and Tasmania. In Thailand, they are most common in southern provinces. Last year, a 26 year-old German tourist died after she was stung by a box jellyfish.

Photo: © AP Photo/Mairead Flynn

Source: TASS

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