Timoshenko still unable to walk, but her condition improves

KIEV. August 18. KAZINFORM Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister, Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Timoshenko is still unable to walk unaided in spite of her therapy, a Berlin Charite doctor told a press briefing near the Kharkov central clinic on Friday.

"There are rather good trends, but the patient is still unable to walk freely," the doctor said. The successful treatment of Timoshenko requires complete rest and absence of stressful situations, she noted. At the same time, visits by family members should not be limited, she said.

According to Itar-Tass, the doctor found it difficult to say how much time was necessary for the recovery of the ex-premier. A therapeutic plan was developed for Timoshenko during the two-day visit to Kharkov, she said.

The court sentenced Timoshenko on October 11, 2011, for exceeding her authority in the signing of the gas contracts with Russia in 2009. She was also compelled to pay 1.51 billion hryvni (almost $200 million) to Neftegaz Ukrainy.

A new case against her was opened on October 13, 2011, for writing off the debt of the United Energy Systems of Ukraine private corporation to the Russian Defense Ministry worth $405,500,000 to the state budget of Ukraine, while being the corporation president, under conspiracy with other former Prime Minister Pavel Lazarenko. Timoshenko is serving a seven-year-term in Kharkov.

She started to receive therapy at the Kharkov clinic on May 9 when her health deteriorated.

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