Toishybek Kasabolatuly (1783-1860) is a bi and batyr. He was from Botpay stem of Senior Zhuz. He was born in Taran aul of Zhambyl municipality in Almaty region. Toishybek Batyr took part in the national-liberation movement of Kazakh people headed by Kenesary Kassymov.  

In 1849 he constructed an embedment near Almaty city at the place of Aksay and Karasu Rivers crossing. The length of the embedment is 85 m, the height of walls is 5 m. He expressed an outrage against the colonial policy of the Russian Empire of Zhetysu Region and received support from Kokand Khanate in the fight against the colonization. He rendered a military assistance to the embedment which was constructed at the expense of his funds to prevent invasions of barymtaches.

His embedment had a strategic value as far as they were located at trade ways. Toishybek Batyr supported merchants and imposed duties on them.

In 1850 the Russian Empire sent an armed wing to Toishybek's Batyr embedment headed by captain Gutkovsky. During the fight Batyr defended his embedment and lost bout 200 people.

A year later in 1951 the Russian Government sent an expedition headed by colonel Karbyzshev with 1 370 people to defeat the embedment. Seeing the inferiority in numbers Toishybek Batyr decided to draw in Shu River. Then Toishybek Batyr together with his son Baiseit supported by the Kokand Khanate organized invasions to villages which plighted faith to the Russian Empire.

In 1854 a troop headed by Peremshilsky committed an assault upon Toishybek's embedment following which his elder son was taken captive with his family and about 40 people were killed. The same year Toishybek Batyr organized several invasions to the rural districts which recognized the supremacy of the Russian Empire.

His last years of life he spent near Bishkek. Toishybek Batyr died at the age of 77 years old near Kakpaktas aul in Korday municipality of Zhambyl region.

One of the streets in Almaty city received his name.


Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 5.



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