Tokayev addresses ‘Voice of Global South’ virtual summit

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Kazakh Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev joined the «Voice of Global South» virtual summit held under the theme «Unified voice, unified goal» upon Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation, Kazinform cites Akorda.

Opening his speech, Kazakh President Tokayev thanked India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take part in the forum. He also congratulated India on the G20 chairmanship this year and stressed that Kazakhstan sees it as the earned recognition of the authority and influence of New Delhi by the world community.

According to Tokayev, the agreed measures in 2015 aimed at ensuring a sustainable development and fighting climate change deter the current global crises. The President confirmed Kazakhstan’s commitment to addressing rising issues by establishing dialogue and finding common ground on the global level.

Addressing the forum, the Kazakh leader outlined a number of priority tasks, particularly urging all countries to focus on achieving the SDGs. As he put it in his speech the SDGs’ implementation requires concerted action not only at the state level but also at regional and global levels.

«That’s why we believe it’s important to establish a UN SDG Regional Center for Central Asia and Afghanistan in Kazakhstan. The center will ensure more effective coordination of the UN’s project activities in the region,» said Tokayev.

Speaking on climate change, the President of Kazakhstan pointed out that Central Asia’s temperature rises faster than the global average. The five countries have been facing severe droughts over the past several years. The President highlighted that climate change needs greater international cooperation and solidarity.

According to the Head of State, water shortages and rising uncertainty negatively impact on food, energy, and environmental safety. In addition to that, there are growing economic and geopolitical tensions and instability, which could deeply affect the security in the world, especially the Global South, which appears to be more and more vulnerable to droughts.

«I suggest introducing a system of exceptional rights and preferences to transfer water technologies, promoting a rational and just usage of water resources,» said the Kazakh leader.

He went on to say that Kazakhstan further intends to use its agricultural potential to fight the global food scarcity. According to him, global food and fertilizer trade should not be under sanctions or other restrictions. The Kazakh President backed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for depoliticizing global supplies of food, fertilizers, and medical products.

In addition, the Kazakh President noted that given the current geopolitical situation reliable and diversified global transit and transport infrastructure is of special importance. He said that his country works on diversifying the transport routes and actively develops the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (Middle Corridor).

The President thinks its relevant to adopt new joint measures aimed at reducing threats of pandemics and biological risks. In this regard, the Kazakh leader reminded of his initiative to create an International Agency for Biological Safety.

Closing his remarks, President Tokayev stressed his country’s readiness to work with partners in a spirit of inclusiveness, multilateralism, and good will.

The Voice of Global South virtual summit was also joined by the heads of Asian, Africa, and Latin American countries.


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