Total prize money at 5th World Nomad Games to exceed 250 mln tenge

Total prize money at 5th World Nomad Games to exceed 250 mln tenge
Photo credit: the Central Communications Service

According to the Head of the Directorate for the preparation and holding of the V World Nomad Games, Nail Nurov, the financial resources allocated by the sponsors of the V World Nomad Games will be utilized to remunerate the winners, procure souvenirs, remunerate speakers of the scientific program, and compensate the participants of the cultural program coming from abroad, Kazinform News Agency reports.

“The total prize money for the V World Nomad Games participants is estimated at 253 million tenge. The amount of prize money for each sport will be determined individually. In the context of team sports, the initial focus will be on fight for goat's carcass (kokpar and kok-boru). The victorious team will receive 10 million tenge, the runners-up - 6 million tenge, and the team settling for the 3rd place will get 4 million tenge. In individual sports, the winners will earn 500,000 tenge, runners-up will be awarded 300,000 tenge, and the bronze medalist will receive 200,000 tenge," stated Nail Nurov.
Nurov also highlighted that the monetary rewards in equestrian sports are more substantial. In flat races, the winner receives 2 million tenge, while those who prevail in races of “Zhorga”, “Kunan baige”, “Top baige”, and “Alaman baige” will be awarded 3 million tenge, 5 million tenge, and 5 million tenge, respectively.
“All winners and runners-up will receive distinctive medals, which are designed and manufactured exclusively for the V World Nomad Games by our in-house design studio," Nurov said.
The medals are crafted from a bronze alloy. The central element of the design is the logo of the Games, which features a solar man symbolizing forward movement and aspiration to victory. The medal's contour is crafted in the style of “Shanyrak”, Kazakhstan’s national symbol. The ribbons are produced in a carnelian hue. The medals also feature a commemorative inscription, which provides details about the venue and dates of the Games.
The V World Nomad Games will be held in Astana on September 8-13. The program includes horse races, national wrestling, traditional intellectual games, competitions in martial arts, archery, and national bird hunting. Earlier, Vice Tourism and Sports Minister Serik Zharasbayev stated that delegations from 89 countries had confirmed their participation in the Games.

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