Tourism Ministry may be created in Kazakhstan

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Participants of the Kazakhstani tourism sector have suggested creating the Tourism Ministry in Kazakhstan.

"Why not creating the Tourism Ministry? Why not attracting the true professionals of that sphere? The fact that the country still has no its own tourist brand speaks for itself. The Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Economy Ministry, the Presidential Administration and the Ministry for Investment and Development have been discussing this issue for years, but to no avail," Timur Duisengaliyev, head of the Tourism and External Relations Department of Almaty city said at a press conference in Almaty city on Tuesday.

Mr. Duisengaliyev believes that the creation of the ministry will speed up the process.

"It's OK if the Ministry of Culture and Sport will supervise the tourism sector. But it will take some time, maybe half a year for it to start to function effectively. And that means we will lose time," he added.

Director of the Kazakhstan Tourism Association Rashida Shaikenova, in turn, noted that it is possible that the Ministry of Culture and Sport will supervise the sphere of tourism in Kazakhstan.

"Presently, the sphere is supervised by a department at the Ministry for Investment and Development. The department's authority is limited and it has no budget. We are pretty concerned by this fact," Ms Shaikenova added.

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