Tourists from which countries visited Kazakhstan the most in 2023

Photo credit: press service of the Tourism and Sports Ministry

The estimated number of international travelers to Kazakhstan in January-September 2023 was about 834,000, +37% compared to the analogous period of 2022, Kazinform News Agency cites the press service of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, overseas residents’ visits to Kazakhstan in 2023 exceeded the 2022 number by 225,000 visits. In 2022 Kazakhstan saw the arrival of about 609,800 international travelers.

As for the number of Kazakhstan-bound international travelers, here is the breakdown of the top 5 countries tourists from which visited Kazakhstan the most. Russia had the highest number of foreign visits at 356,859, followed by China at 75,131 and Türkiye at 41,134. Last year Kazakhstan also witnessed the arrival of 34,757 and 28,160 tourists from India and the U.S., respectively.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports Yerzhan Yerkinbayev welcomed the fact that the number of international travelers to Kazakhstan is growing from year to year, claiming the overall number of foreign visits to Kazakhstan exceeded 900,000.

He also expressed hope the numbers will grow further in 2024 since Kazakhstan boasts a myriad of beautiful destinations that might surprise international travelers.

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