Trade in Customs Union up by 8.7%, foreign trade by 3.2% in 2012

MOSCOW. February 19. KAZINFORM In 2012 mutual trade among the countries of the Customs Union increased by 8.7% from last year, with foreign trade going up by 3.2%, the statistics department of the Eurasian Economic Commission informed.

The Customs Union foreign trade with third countries totaled $939.3 billion. Exports made up $600.1 billion, imports - $339.2 billion. Foreign trade was up 3.2%, or $28.7 billion, as against 2011. Exports edged up by 2.6%, or $15.5 billion, imports went up by 4.1%, or $13.2 billion. The Customs Union posted a trade surplus of $260.9 billion. In 2011 the trade surplus was $258.7 billion, Kazinform has learnt from BelTA

In 2012 Belarus' exports went up by 10.2%, while its imports shrank by 6.9%. Russia increased its exports by 1.6% and imports by 3.2%. Kazakhstan's exports climbed 6.1%, imports - 26.6%.

The mutual trade between the Customs Union member states totaled $68.6 billion, up 8.7%. Belarus-Russia trade reached a $43.9 billion mark, going up by 9.6% and accounting for 64% of the total mutual trade in the Customs Union. Belarus-Kazakhstan trade made up $0.9 billion (up 15.1%; 1.3% of the total). Russia-Kazakhstan trade reached $23.8 billion (up 6.8%; 34.7%).

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