Trying times facing the country check for strength the country’s unity, Kazakh President

TURKISTAN. KAZINFORM Addressing the second session of the Ulttyq Qurultay the Head of State stressed that it is not a solemn event as ancestors convened qurultay in crucial periods of history to debate and take important decisions for the country.

Today’s qurultay is held after the deadly wildfires in Abai region. The Head of State stressed the country should draw a lesson from the tragedy and take specific decisions. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said the trying times facing the country check for strength first of all the country’s unity highlighting such hardships show the most important is mutual solidarity, support and responsibility.

As earlier reported, the second session of the Ulttyq Qurultay (National Assembly) with the participation of the Head of State started its work in Turkistan.

Its goal is to become a dialogue platform for new ideas to unite the country and consolidate the society. The first Ulttyq Qurultay took place in Ulytau last June.

The Ulttyq Qurultay consists of 117 members, including Majilis deputies, representatives of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan, civil society, political parties, experts and members of the public council of the regions, and businessmen.

The initiative to establish the Ulttyq Qurultay was put forward by President Tokayev last year in his state-of-the-nation address. It was decided to hold the meetings of the Ulttyq Qurultay at least once a year.

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