Turkestan region's industrial output exceeded 400bn tenge in 2018

TURKESTAN. KAZINFORM Industrial output of Turkestan region in 2018 made 453.8bn tenge, Arman Sabitov, chief of the regional economy and budget planning department, said at a briefing in the Regional Communications Service Office.

According to him, the share of output in processing sector made 236.9bn tenge (100.7% growth). Gross agricultural output was 544.3bn tenge (105.3% growth against the last year).

In his words, the volume of investments in fixed capital of the region comprised 288.1bn tenge (+101.2%). Moreover, the total volume of construction works reached 139.1bn tenge . 387.8 square meters of housing were commissioned in the region last year. Compared to the same period in 2017, this indicator rose by 21.7%.

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