Typhoon Haikui wrecks havoc after landing in E China

HANGZHOU.  August 8. KAZINFORM  Typhoon Haikui brought downpours and flooding which stranded dozens of people in east China after landing in Zhejiang Province early Wednesday morning, the provincial observatory said, Kazinform has learned from Xinhua.

Haikui landed in Hepu Township, Xiangshan County near the Sanmenwan Gulf in central Zhejiang at 3:20 a.m. with the maximum wind speed at 150 kilometers per hour, said the observatory.

The rain-triggered flooding stranded about 130 people in three farmer's hotels in the city of Lin'an which the provincial capital Hangzhou administers, said Lin'an municipal rescuers.

By 8 a.m., 123 people have been rescued while ten others have yet to be reached by the rescuers, they said.

The rescuers once had difficulty to reach the hotels as roads towards it have been flooded and they had to march the last two kilometers on foot, rescuers said.

Haikui is the third typhoon to wallop China's eastern coast in a week, after storms Saola and Damrey hit the region over the weekend.


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