URGENT: Eighth body found in the Ile-Alatau Park

TALDYKORGAN. August 14. KAZINFORM The eighth body found in the territory of the Ile-Alatau Park, the Almaty oblast internal affairs department said.

According to head of the Almaty oblast internal affairs department press service Kubeikhan Nurakhmet, two bodies - of a man and a woman - were found 30 km away from Tausamaly village in the territory of the nature park. Besides, another two bodies of a woman and a man were discovered 2 km away from the scene.

Then the nature park workers reported that the forest guard's house 25 km away from the place of accident caught fire. The rescue service discovered two bodies as they fought fire. Today in the morning police has found another body of a man.

Besides, police released the names of the five victims: Irina Karpenko, 1959, V. Sinaykov, 1952, P. Zakharopulo, 1936, Antonina Karpyzina, 1938 and A. Guzeva, 1969.

The criminal case has been initiated.

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