U.S. Ambassador finds creative way to congratulate Kazakhstanis on International Tea Day

Photo credit: primeminister.kz

U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Daniel Rosenblum extended congratulations to the people of Kazakhstan on International Tea Day, participating in a creative video that’s dedicated to a well-known local phrase familiar to many citizens.

It is noteworthy that the UN General Assembly declared May 21 as International Tea Day in December 2019.

In a short video released on the official Instagram page of the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, Ambassador Rosenblum is seen welcoming State Department officials. After showing them around the city and hosting several business meetings, he sends them off with a popular Kazakh saying, “Now, we can drink tea peacefully,” (өзіміз отырып, шай ішейік) he remarks with a smile.

The embassy highlighted the cultural significance of tea in Kazakhstan, noting, “Tea is more than just a beverage here. It symbolizes hospitality, friendship, and diplomacy. Happy International Tea Day!”

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