Uzbek president determines priorities for country’s development for 2015

TASHKENT. KAZINFORM - In his New Year greetings to the people of Uzbekistan, President Karimov has determined the priorities for the country's development for 2015 and further years.

"Proceeding from our experience and the experience of developed democratic countries, our common goal is to continue implementing the concept of further intensifying the democratic reforms and forming the civil society in the country," the greeting says. "This has become the strategy of our prospective development today."

Removing all obstacles and limitations, ensuring complete freedom in the development of private property and private entrepreneurship is of fundamental importance.

Another key task is to consistently intensify the structural reforms in the economy.

The continuous technical and technological renewal, modernization of the production sector and the widespread introduction of modern information and communication systems are also significant.

The need for critical assessing the state involvement level in our economy, reducing it to a strategically and economically reasonable volume is connected with these issues, reported.

"I am convinced that only after implementing these important reforms, we will create the necessary conditions to get rid of the old stereotypes of the administrative-command distribution system," President Karimov said.

President Karimov said that 2014 was fruitful and memorable.

"2014 was significant especially in terms of sustainable growth of our economy," the greeting says.

Proceeding from the stable GDP growth, we can talk about the country's progress.

Uzbekistan has been showing steady economic growth of at least eight percent for the past 10 years.

"We have a reason to expect that such economic growth to continue in 2015," the president said.

The president called on citizens to be vigilant in terms of deteriorating the world political and economic confrontation in various regions, terrorism and extremism, the continued instability on global markets.

"The society and the country, capable to withstand the stringent requirements and tough competition on the global market, can achieve the goals," the greeting says.

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