Uzbekistan to launch fast-track border crossing with Kazakhstan

TASHKENT. KAZINFORM - Uzbekistan is planning to launch fast-track border crossing service with Kazakhstan, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Fast Track service implying to speed up travelling through Uzbekistan's international border crossings Gisht Koprik (Tashkent region) and Khairaton (Surxondaryo Region) will be effective 1 January 2021.

A special room will be set up, where individuals on road vehicles will be able to pass passport and customs control in a fast-track manner.

There will be VIP rooms for rest and leisure as well as rooms for mothers and children, canteens, commercial bank branches, and currency exchange machines for the convenience of travelers.

Notably, Fast Track service is to be chargeable, with the chance to make prepayments 90 days in advance of the border crossing or via the mobile application.

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