Uzbekistan – UK: A new page in media collaboration

Uzbekistan – UK: A New Page in Media Collaboration
Photo credit: UzA

Relations between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom have been strengthening in recent years. In addition to the economic sphere, interparliamentary and cultural ties, a joint struggle against the consequences of climate change, and exchange based on a modern tourism system have been established. Constructive partnerships are gaining momentum in the international arena. There is common opportunity and potential in other areas of collaboration, UzA reports.

On May 6, Raza Syed, Chief Editor for International Relations at “The London Post”, visited the Uzbekistan National News Agency.

Before the dialogue between the leading media leaders of the two countries, it was noted that efforts to strengthen the mutual strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom have intensified in recent years. The guest was informed about the positive changes in Uzbekistan’s media space and various fields.

It was noted that the joint relationship between the Uzbek and British peoples is developing rapidly, especially in education, green economy, transport logistics, capital market, and the importance of regular information exchange regarding the reforms implemented in both countries.

Mr. Raza Syed expressed his readiness to sign a memorandum to improve relations between “The London Post” and the Uzbekistan National News Agency – UzA, to expand the scope of information exchange within the framework of the agreement, and to improve the experience and qualifications of mutual employees systematically.

“There is a reason that tourists from the United Kingdom are interested in this country”, Mr. Raza Syed said. “The reason is that cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana are top-rated in our country. The world knows great figures like Abu Rayhan Beruni, Al Bukhari, Mirza Ulugbek, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, and At Termizi. The source needs to be impartial and reliable when reporting important events. In this sense, we have agreed to establish cooperation with the Uzbekistan National News Agency. It is my first visit to Uzbekistan. I liked the hospitable and friendly people of this country”.

Headquartered in London, UK, “The London Post” is a famous portal known worldwide for its political and analytical articles and exclusive interviews. The publication’s network of correspondents in different countries prepares fast, objective information in 5 languages about the changes and news happening in the world.

Through this platform, it is possible to communicate with representatives of various fields and intellectuals and exchange experiences. The news published on the website, documentary video films, and debate programs are also an open platform for researching the forums of prestigious organizations such as the UN and the European Union, conducted by researchers, academics, diplomats, writers, and scientists.

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