VII conference of Scientific Association of Germans of Kazakhstan held in Almaty

ALMATY.  October 15. KAZINFORM /Yelena Ilyinskaya/ Search for a strategy of preservation of language and culture of the German Diaspora in post-emigration period has become a topic of the VII conference of the Scientific Association of the Germans of Kazakhstan held yesterday in Almaty on the threshold of the XV session of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan.

The participants focused on the problems of agrarian science, ecology, energy and fight with desertification. "We are keen on attraction of German scientists' attention to the scientific ideas and projects initiated in Kazakhstan", President of Widergeburt Association, member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Alexander Dederer said.

He noted growing role of the Assembly as a platform for a dialogue of ethno-cultural associations and state power bodies as well as a mechanism of support and preservation of the inter-ethnic harmony and peace.

Among the projects and ideas proposed by the German Diaspora within the Assembly are the Cutlural Heritage program, in particular in interaction of the Kazakh and German cultures; implementation of the European model of social support of the population; opening of Wiedergeburt schools; realization of the dialogue between the economists of Kazakhstan and Germany; a Kazakh-German Youth Forum; organization of "demonstration rooms" in the regions for social workers in order to teach them methods of treatment of the ill and old people as it is done in Germany.

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