Village in Türkiye evacuated due to wildfires

Village in Türkiye  evacuated due to  wildfires
Photo credit: Anadolu

A village in northwestern Türkiye was evacuated Tuesday as a precaution due to wildfires in nearby areas, according to local authorities.

The governor's office of Canakkale province said in a statement that aerial and ground-based firefighting teams were dispatched to extinguish the fires near Buyukanafarta village in the district of Eceabat, adding that the flames were visible from several surrounding settlements.

It said the road between Buyukanafarta and another local village, Kumkoy, about 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) east, had been closed, while advising caution to residents and tourists in the area.

"Due to the ongoing forest fire in the vicinity of the Eceabat district, entry to the Gelibolu Historical Area of the Canakkale Wars has been suspended until further notice," said the statement.

Türkiye's National Defense Ministry said the military had deployed two helicopters, a fire truck, an all-terrain vehicle, and personnel to fight the blaze.

Maritime traffic suspended in one direction

Ships were temporarily barred from passing south through the Canakkale Strait due to the fire, said a separate statement by the country's Directorate General of Coastal Safety.

Further east, efforts continue to extinguish another wildfire in Sakarya province, where residents have been trying to douse the blaze with water tankers.

Upon an alert, a large number of firefighter teams and water tenders were dispatched to the burning area, also in northwestern Türkiye, where the wind caused the flames to grow.

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