Vladimir Putin speaks on the situation in Gaza

Gaza Strip
Photo credit: WAFA

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the SCO summit in Astana spoke on the situation in the Gaza Strip, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

“I support the idea of ​​renewing the SCO-Afghanistan contact group. We think this will contribute to further normalization of the situation in this country. Unfortunately, there are still other potential hotbeds of conflict on the Eurasian continent, the growth of which is fraught with chaos and instability. First of all, this is, of course, the Middle East. And specifically, the situation in the Gaza Strip. History clearly shows the unviability and counterproductiveness of individual attempts, by the USA, to cut the political knot and refuse to implement UN decisions, which clearly provide for the creation and peaceful coexistence of two independent and sovereign states,” says Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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