W Kazakhstan region provides update on COVID-19 cases

URALSK. KAZINFORM - 46 symptomatic and 60 asymptomatic cases of the coronavirus infection have been spotted in West Kazakhstan region over the past day, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the regional goods and service quality and safety control department, 106 more cases of the COVID-19 virus have been recorded in the past 24 hours, with a daily growth of 3.8%. Of the recent coronavirus cases, 46 are symptomatic and 60 are asymptomatic.

The department's press service said 12 patients had been undergoing laboratory tests as close contacts of the infected patients, 10 people had passed epidemiological tests, and two had been undergoing examination. Another 22 people called the ambulance to report SARS-related symptoms. Out of 106 infections, 29 have been detected in Uralsk city, four - in Baiterek district. Akzhaik, Shyngyrlau, Terekti, Zhanibek and Syrym districts have reported one case of the COVID-19 infection apiece. Eight coronavirus cases have been registered in Taskalinsk district.

In all 106 patients the coronavirus infection has been identified through PCR-testing. Their contacts have been identified and placed under medical supervision. Anti-epidemic measures have been taken, the department added.

As of June 24, West Kazakhstan region has reported 1,267 COVID-19 cases, including 835 recoveries and six fatal cases caused by the virus. So far, 822 symptoms-free cases have been detected, 624 have been self-isolating at home. 24 patients have been staying at quarantine hospitals, and 123 - at the region's temporary hospital.

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