Washington mall shooting: Police search for man who killed 4

WASHINGTON, D.C. A gunman remains at large after killing four women and wounding one man at a mall in Washington state, authorities said.

All those killed at the Cascade Mall in Burlington on Friday night were inside Macy's department store, said Sgt. Mark Francis, a spokesman for the state patrol.

One man suffered critical injuries, and was hospitalized.

Authorities believe only one shooter was involved and are searching for a man who headed toward Interstate 5 after the attack.

Moviegoers asked to leave

A witness described chaotic scenes and confusion when the shooting started.

Brandi Montreuil said she was watching a movie at the mall when attendants suddenly told them to leave.

"I didn't know anything," she said. "The theater attendant came in and apologized for stopping the movie and said they (theater staff) were asked to have everyone leave immediately."

At first, she thought it was a drill.

"But you immediately think about what happened in Aurora, Colorado, so you start moving faster," she said, referring to the shooting at a movie theater in 2012 that left 12 dead.

When they got outside, they saw numerous police vehicles, but no officers in sight, Montreuil said.

"We didn't know if it was a fire so we were looking for smoke of some kind. Then a few officers started canvassing through the crowds asking if anybody saw anything."

An officer "with a large gun started yelling for people to leave, and fast," she said.

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