Water level rise continues in Ural River

Photo: emergency situations ministry

The Ural (Zhaiyk) River’s water level rise continues with the inflow of water at 3,000 cubic meters per second in West Kazakhstan region, Kazinform News Agency cites the Kazakh Emergency Situations Ministry.

According to the ministry, nine settlements in Karatyubinskiy and Chingirlauskiy districts are still without transport links. The state of emergency remains in six settlements; 2,994 country houses have been flooded.

As a result of floodwater flow from the Shagan and Derkul Rivers, country houses in Uralsk city located in the floodplains have been inundated. Works are ongoing to lay sack tares, erect protective dams and pump away water from the areas flooded.

It was noted that the lever of water in the Ural River has not past the critical point of 850cm.

Across the region, 13,732 people, including 5,703 children, have been evacuated. 2,300 people, including 1,062 kids, are in the evacuation centers and 11,432 people are at their relatives. 4,915 farm animals have been moved to safe areas.

Regionwide, 6,507 people, 1,201 vehicles, 196 water pumping devices, 101 vessels and three aircraft are deployed in the rescue operations.

Earlier it was reported that the level of water in the Ural River rose by 8cm forcing the evacuation of nearby settlements in West Kazakhstan region.

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