Water the most dangerous source of infectious disease spread in heat -Almaty

ALMATY. August 1. KAZINFORM In Almaty the weather has been hot these days. Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of the city warns that it is the most dangerous period for the spread of infectious diseases transmitted through water environment. Walking along the banks of the river, resting at the lake, boating let enjoy the coolness, but the ponds and rivers of the southern capital are not designed for swimming and are not equipped with seats for water treatment, experts of the organization say.

Thus, selected 112 samples in routine laboratory monitoring of water in reservoirs of Almaty show their bacterial contamination in 67% of cases. In the samples have been detected exceedings of the total bacterial count, coliform contamination and kolimorphic bacteria. Pathogenic organisms (choleriform cholerae, Salmonella of rare bands) have aso been identified.

Safe bathing for health can only be guaranteed at water parks and swimming pools of the city, where the water is cleaned and disinfected, and where there is regular laboratory monitoring by the owners of these slocial objects, and regional divisions of sanitary-epidemiological service.

Visiting these facilities means certain material costs, but they justify the services of assured quality, including cool clear water, fun attractions, availability of rescuers and medical workers. But while freely swimming in open water one can get not only injured, but can get an infectious disease, the treatment of which will be much more expensive and, in some cases, it could cost lives.

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