We can successfully implement «Nurly-Zhol» Program - People's Assembly member

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Speaking at the enlarged sitting of the Government of Kazakhstan, President Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that the main factor of the wellbeing of Kazakhstan was in its unity and accord. Being united and having the accord in the country we will be able to successfully overcome new challenges of the destiny and implement the "Nurly-Zhol" Program, member of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan, member of the Bulgarian ethnic association of Aktobe region Pavel Magleli believes.

"Over the years of independence we have had enough difficulties and challenges but thanks to our unity we are now through all of them. Therefore, under the present conditions and in the year of the 20 th anniversary of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan and adoption of the Constitution, we have to unite even better than ever before and direct our efforts at fulfillment of the tasks given by the President. The priorities of work are all outlines in the unique program initiated by the President - "Nurly-Zhol". It is aimed at building of the transport and logistics infrastructure based Astana as the foundation by 2017," he said.

Besides, the member of the Bulgarian ethnic association also noted that it was highly important that the president instructed to begin financing of all the projects this month already.

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