We move towards future as strong and respected country. Let well-being come to every family in New Year!

TANA. January 1. KAZINFORM President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated all Kazakhstanis on New Year. Kazinform disseminates the text of the congratulation with reference to the Presidential press service.

Dear Kazakhstanis!

A few minutes left till New Year 2011 comes.

The world enters the second decade of the 21st century.

The independent Kazakhstan faces a new stage of development.

We are moving towards the future as a strong and respected country, united and consolidated nation.

The outgoing year of 2010 was the time of new victories and achievements for us.

Kazakhstan has implemented all goals of its presidency in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in 2010.

Astana has hosted the Summit of the Heads of State following which the Astana Declaration of the OSCE has been adopted.

This was a triumph of our foreign policy, global recognition of success of the Kazakhstan's way.

The economy of the country was given a new impulse in 2010.

We have set implementation of 2020 Strategic Development Plan and the Program of Industrial Innovative Development.

150 new productions were built this year; tens of thousands of jobs were created.

The salaries of public sector workers, pensions and social allowances increase annually.

Hundreds of thousands of Kazakhstani families celebrate New Year holidays in new apartments and houses.

We opened a new world-class university in Astana and a modern medical holding.

Our projects of regional integration were implemented.

The Customs Union of , and has started successfully.

We have achieved great triumphs this year, since we saved our main property – the unity of people.

I thank you heartily for it!

Dear Kazakhstanis!

The upcoming 2011 is a year of the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan.

We will continue to realize our plans on technical modernization of our economy.

New industrial, small and medium business facilities will be built. Hundreds of thousands of people will get jobs.

Under my instruction, pensions and allowances will be increased by 30 percent from January 1 and salaries of public workers will be increased by 30 percent from July 1, 2011.

This will be done at a time when the majority of the world’s countries reduce such expenditures.

New kindergartens, schools and sports facilities will be built for our children.

The network of modern medical centers and hospitals will be extended.

Highways will reduce distances in our country.

I am sure the upcoming year of 2011 will increase the welfare of every family.

Dear friends!

The New Year eve is the warmest family holiday!

This minute a holiday table is served in every family.

Let well-being come to every family in New Year!

I wish you health, peace and welfare!

Happy New Year to all of you!

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