Week in Brief: 10 key developments shaping Kazakhstan this week

Week in brief
Collage credit: Arman Aisultan/ Kazinform

This week in Astana and beyond, Kazinform News Agency presents a roundup of the top headlines that shaped the past seven days in Kazakhstan.

1. Kazakhstan attaches utmost attention to fight against drug addiction, President

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with Chair of the Eastern and Central European and Central Asian Commission on Drug Policy (ECECACD) Aleksander Kwaśniewski. He emphasizes the government's commitment to reducing drug abuse and its harmful impacts on society.

2. Head of State Tokayev signs law on mass media

President Tokayev has signed a new law aimed at regulating the mass media in Kazakhstan. It includes the basic provisions of the laws on mass media and TV and radio broadcasting, that are no longer in force. The law also introduces a number of new provisions.

3. CSTO Foreign Ministers convene in Kazakhstan

The sitting of the Council of the Foreign Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states kicked off in Almaty under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Murat Nurtleu, to discuss critical issues related to regional security.

4. Deportation, abuse and multiple citizenship — what is known about the husband of Aigul Sailybayeva, killed in Germany

New information has surfaced regarding the husband of Aigul Sailybayeva, who was tragically killed in Germany, including allegations of deportation, abuse, and multiple citizenship.

5. Law prohibiting vapes has now taken effect in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has implemented a new law that prohibits the sale of vapes. The ban reflects growing concerns about the health risks associated with vaping, particularly among youth.

6. British scholar’s perspectives on the Ulus of Jochi - Interview with Dr Alexander Morrison

Fellow and tutor in History at Oxford university and a former Professor of History at Nazarbayev University Dr. Alexander Morrison discusses the significance of the Ulus of Jochi and its historical impact in an interview, providing insights into British scholarly perspectives on this part of Central Asian history.

7. Ecology Ministry, Efes Kazakhstan to restore golden eagle population

The Ministry of Ecology with Natural Resources of Kazakhstan and Efes Kazakhstan launch a project to restore the golden eagle population in the country.

8. Kazakhstan celebrates its first-ever win at Cannes Lions

Kazakhstan celebrates its first-ever victory at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. GForce ad agency was awarded the Gold Cannes Lions in the Social & Influencer category.

9. Astana’s Gruzdev takes gold in individual time trial at Kazakhstan National Championships

The rider of Astana Qazaqstan Team Dmitriy Gruzdev won the individual time trial at the Kazakhstan National Championships, which takes place in the city of Taldykorgan. Dmitriy covered a distance of 36 kilometers in 42 minutes and 33 seconds.

10.44.8% of total vehicles in Kazakhstan older than 20 years old

A report reveals that 44.8% of vehicles in Kazakhstan are over 20 years old. Of the total number of registered vehicles in the country, passenger cars accounted for 88%, trucks – 9.9% and buses – 2.1%.

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