WEEKLY REVIEW. Big changes are coming to Kazakhstan customs

ASTANA. April 13. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan will take measures to improve customs administration for better business processes. On Monday, April 9, the Government held a sitting on this issue.

Head of Customs Control Committee M. Yessenbayev pointed out main problems in the area. According to him, a lot of complaints about the customs administration are received from business community. Kazakhstan ranked 162 on the flexibility of customs procedures and 181 on the World's Bank ease of doing business index. At the same time, Yessenbayev noted the key problems such as unreliable declaration of goods imported to the SES territory, low passage goods through customs service, the opacity of customs administration procedures on the board, shady business of brokers and the presence of economic criminals in the border regions.

To slove these  problems, the head of the Customs Committee suggested taking such actions as to reduce regulatory authorities, transfer administration and collection of indirect taxes to tax authorities, provide preliminary information exchange on goods transported between Kazakhstan's customs administrations and the countries of the counterparty, develop and implement public services'  standards  on customs procedures, develop an integrated customs tariff, automation of risk management in the application of the transit customs procedures and others.

At the Government meeting Prime Minister Karim Massimov delegated all functions of phytosanitary and veterinary checks on borders to the Customs Control Committee. According to Finance Minister Bolat Zhamuishev, only two agencies - border guards and customs officers - should work on the borders.

The next topic of discussion was the spring-field works. Minister of Agriculture A. Mamytbekov announced updated information and reported on the situation in this area. Thus, according to him, the southern part of the country has already begun the spring sowing of cereals crops, oilseed crops, vegetable and melon crops, potato.

This year the crop area will make up 21.5 million hectares. The spring crops will be grown on 18.8 million hectares. Grain crops will be grown on 16.2 million hectares, oilseed crops on 1.8 million hectares, the Minister said.
Mamytbekov also noted that the volume of export of grain is about 1 million tons of grain, 300,000 tons of flour. This volume must be increased because by September 1 it is necessary to free elevators and be prepared to accept the new crop, the Minister concluded.

A visiting governmental hour was held on Friday at the Republican Diagnostic Center, where the Minister of Health Salidat Kairbekova spoke to doctors and members of the Senate. According to the Minister, salaries of health workers in Kazakhstan increased by 42% in 2011. Such indicators have been achieved through the introduction of result-oriented payment methods, which stimulate improvement of quality of services provided.

In addition, the Minister noted that health care spending among the population decreased by 3% compared to 2008. According to her, it became possible thanks to the measures taken under the Unified National Health System: funds for hospitals were accumulated at the national level.

"It should be noted that other countries because of the global financial and economic crisis are taking steps to reduce spending on social sectors," the Minister said.

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