WEEKLY REVIEW: First year of forced industrialization successfully accomplished - 152 projects realized

ASTANA. December 24. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/ After crisis 2009 year that ended with minimum GDP growth the Government begun addressing the tasks on economy diversification set by the Head of the State in his Address to the Nation.

The State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development and the Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan are two documents to define the directions and pace of the economic development of the country for the nearest future. Results of the work on country's industrialization for the second half of the year were summed up last week.

On Tuesday, December 21, President N.Nazarbayev was familiarized with the projects included into the Industrialization Map for the second half of the year. There were 80 such projects compared to 72 projects totaling KZT 351.1 bln realized in the first half of the year. The total cost of the projects was up to KZT 450.7 bln. 14.8 thousand jobs were created for the period of construction of new productions. 11.2 thousand permanent jobs will be created upon putting into operation of these productions. New capacities were launched in all important sectors of the economy: oil refinery and infrastructure of the oil-and-gas sector, mining and metallurgical industry, transport and telecommunication infrastructure, energy sector, etc.

All of these new productions were launched during a teleconference with participation of the Head of the State and started making their contribution to the economy of the country.

As Prime Minister Karim Massimov said at the presentation of the projects, Kazakhstan's industrialization is a merit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and of our whole country. 'The Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan was developed and became a base for development of regional maps. It was like an impetus for business. Now representatives of small and medium businesses know what, when and where industrial projects will be realized. It helps them in planning their activity, in creating new job positions, etc.', the Head of the Government noted.

According to the Premier the number of projects that are realized within the program is 294. They are worth KZT 8 bln and around 200 thousand people of Kazakhstan will be employed during the process of their realization.

Speaking at the presentation the Prime Minister said that "Business road Map - 2020" program will be supplemented with new elements on entrepreneurial potential formation. Over 500 projects of small and medium business were approved within the program this year. The program is a support in form of subsidizing interest rate and partial credit guarantee as well as construction of infrastructure and provision of free consultations on business conduction. "Industrialization can not be based on big projects. The fundament of economic development in any country is powerful business class - small and medium business", the Premier said.

K.Massimov said the country built the economy based on advanced technologies but not on raw stock, the economy that would be able to withstand external shocks. He also said that the pace of industrialization would be increased next year.

Later in the day an awarding ceremony of laureates of the Presidential prize in quality "Altyn Sapa" (Gold Quality) and winners of the contests in the field of corporate social responsibility "Paryz" was held.

N.Nazarbayev noted at the ceremony that new tasks set before Kazakhstan put forward new principles of innovative economic development.

"The Kazakh business should become an active participant of the international trade. Firstly, we should maximum use the potential of the Customs Union as well as potential of other growing markets, including China", the President said.

On Wednesday, December 22, Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Asset Magauov said that the oil refineries of the country after their modernization should be ready to produce Euro-5 fuel bypassing Euro-3 and Euro-4 approximately by 2014. "Transition to Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards is a very expensive process. Stage-by-stage modernization will requite more time and huge financial resources. Therefore we decided to pass on Euro-5 standard at once in order not to build new factories and not to purchase additional equipment. Today's technologies allow producing Euro-5 fuel at once", the Vice Minister clarified.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister heading an official delegation left for Istanbul to take part in the 11th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization. Next day, December 23, K.Massimov met with President of Turkey Abdullah Gul. Issues of deepening the cooperation between the two states in economic sphere, increasing mutual investments were discussed at the meeting. The 11th summit of Heads of state and government the ECO member states was opened later in the day as well. At the summit K.Massimov said that existing agreements were not realized at the expected level. "Our Organization represents various groups of interests, different political views; the ECO member states have different economic development levels. However, to move forward we need a new approach to the implementation of multilateral agreements, which will allow to mobilize our resources and implement joint projects more effectively", K. Massimov emphasized.

The Premier said that Kazakhstan contributed a lot to draft agenda of the organization. "Our priorities are transport, energy, agriculture, environmental protection", Mr. Massimov resumed.

According to him, the ECO member states should reduce consequences of natural disasters in the region together. "We believe that joint measures are necessary to prevent such disasters and we should act together", K.Massimov said.

He has also said that providing security of energy supply is a priority on the global agenda. 'Kazakhstan realizes that we have common interest in energy supply and consumers of global energy also attach big significance to this issue', the Prime Minister said addressing the Organization partners.

'Kazakhstan will exert every effort to support secure supplies of energy resources to the market', the Head of the Government of Kazakhstan said.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan has also called on the ECO participating states for joint efforts on economic recovery of Afghanistan. The Premier noted that Kazakhstan has carried out eight programs on Afghanistan rehabilitation. "Kazakhstan considers that further integration into international community through regional and international organizations will help Afghanistan move forward to economic recovery", K. Massimov added.

Karim Massimov met with President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva within the framework of the Summit of the Organization of Economic Cooperation in Istanbul. 'We have now three parties and hope for the best future for the country', R. Otunbayeva said.

K. Massimov, in his turn, congratulated Kyrgyz President on election of new government.

Besides, the sides discussed the issues on bilateral trade-economic cooperation and development of relations between the two countries.

Besides, the Prime Minister held a number of other meetings. In particular, he met with Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Turkic-speaking countries Khalil Akynzhy. K.Massimov also met with Turkish businessmen.

After the summit K.Massimov left for Ankara with working visit. The Prime Minister will get acquainted with work of a range of enterprises in the industrial zone of Ankara. At the end of the visit K.Massimov plans to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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