West Kazakhstan to start selling saiga meat

Saiga antelopes
Photo: Kazinform

Two companies of West Kazakhstan region will begin selling saiga meat legally, Kazinform reports.

One company is based in Zhanakala district, and another is in Akzhaiyk district.

According to Nurlan Rakhymzhanov, chief of the forestry and wildlife protection department, experts of Zhangir Khan Agrarian and Technical University have compiled a justification statement, under which the number of  saiga antelopes in the region should not exceed 500,000-600,000. To date, their number is about 1 million 800 thousand.

The increased number of saiga antelopes may lead to crops damage and negatively affect the ecological situation in the region.

On September 19, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources decreed to include saigas into the list of animals subject to regulation.

“The animals will be driven into corral nets and will be kept there. Nobody will shoot them. This work is set to being in the first decade of October,” Rakhymzhanov added.

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