WikiLeaks cancels Tuesday leak touted to doom Hillary due to ‘security concerns'

LONDON. KAZINFORM - The balcony announcement set for Tuesday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said would be the "October surprise" that derails the Clinton candidacy has been cancelled due to security concerns at the Ecuadorian Embassy, Sputnik reports.

The whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks promised to provide a damaging document leak this Tuesday that founder Julian Assange asserts will finally derail Hillary Clinton's path to the presidency, but that promise will at least be delayed for some time while the organization attempts to control for security concerns during a balcony press conference at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Assange appeared on Fox News last month saying that he has documents that could compromise Hillary's path to the presidency and suggested that "teasers" would be released, but to date no documents have been dumped by the organization.

The flood of damaging information being released by WikiLeaks, most prominently the DNC emails that exposed Hillary Clinton's campaign engaging in a nebulous scheme to override the popular will of voters by teaming up with the Democratic Party and major media outlets to spin false narratives about her primary opponent Bernie Sanders led Hillary's campaign to exploit a strategy of blaming it all on Russia. Security analysts say that there is a strong likelihood that Russia did breach the DNC email system - as dozens of countries have done in previous election cycles - but the narrative was quickly conflated with linking Moscow with providing the documents to WikiLeaks to skew the outcome of the US election - an allegation that remains wholly without proof and is based solely on conjecture. Speaking with Fox News, Julian Assange suggested that the documents that would spell Clinton's undoing related to self-dealing during her tenure as Secretary of State in connection with the Clinton Foundation, a charitable organization that has come under increased scrutiny in recent months given the many conflicts of interest between State Department work and business dealings of top donors.

Donald Trump ally Roger Stone tweeted on Sunday morning that Hillary Clinton would be "done" on Wednesday as a result of the WikiLeaks file dump suggesting that he may have received an advance copy or have some idea of the potential contents of the leak. It remains uncertain whether Stone was aware that WikiLeaks would be cancelling the leak event.

The concern for Assange's safety appear to be well-founded after Hillary surrogate Bob Beckel called for, in an almost deranged fashion, for the United States government to "illegally shoot the son of a b----" following the leak of the DNC emails earlier in the election cycle.

Photo: © REUTERS/ Olivia Harris/Files

Source: Sputnik

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