Woman gives birth in stuck elevator in Semey

A woman gave birth while trapped in an elevator at the regional perinatal center in the city of Semey, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Earlier this September pregnant women and midwifes were trapped in the elevator making their way from 2nd to 4th floor of building 1 of the regional perinatal center in Semey.

«One of the pregnant women in labor was in the elevator being repaired after being stalled. Thanks to operative work of the midwife a boy with a weight of 3,460 gram was born with no complications,» said in the medical facility.

The mother and her baby were discharged from the center on the second day after the birth.

Repairing works including replacement of the two existing elevators are set to be carried out in building 1 of the regional perinatal center in Semey, said the center’s personnel.

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